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Difference Between the Colonic Devices

Both of our Colonic devices are 'Open System' and do an amazing job cleansing the Colon. This very much depends upon how well the machine fits you, however. The ANGEL OF WATER is our Fancier, Smaller machine. It is shorter, more narrow and less deep than the Libbe. This machine really works best on a thinner, smaller framed person. If you are on the smaller/thinner side, this may be the best option for you.


The LIBBE is our larger machine. It is longer, wider and deeper than the Angel of Water. It also has 2 adjustable pillows to accommodate different shapes and sizes. If you are a larger, curvier or taller person, this machine is going to be the most effective and most comfortable fit for you. 


Angel Of Water

Open System Device

  • Smaller device

  • Fits thinner and smaller framed people best

Libbe Room.jpg


Open System Device

  • Larger device

  • Fits larger, curvier and taller people best

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