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Pressotherapy: Preparation

Things to keep in mind before your session:


  • Be sure to be clean and showered.


  • Abstain from eating for 2 hours before your appointment.


  • Minimize drinking fluids for an hour beforehand, as the massage will exert pressure on your stomach and bladder.


  • We provide a light, long sleeve, one-size-fits-all pajama set which you will put on over your undergarments. You can leave a light shirt, leggings or stockings on, just nothing bulky.

  • Please avoid wearing tinted foundation or concealer on the skin and face as this can stain our jacket.

  • Please avoid wearing any perfumes or scented products. Due to the chemical nature of perfumes, they can leave a lingering effect on the equipment. This can negatively impact our other clients, some of whom have chemical sensitivities or prefer to live a life with less chemicals. Thank you for understanding!

  • After your session, drink extra fluids to encourage further detoxification.

Have more questions about infrared saunas? Visit our FAQ page or send us an email.

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