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Acupuncture: Preparation

Wear comfortable clothes:


  • Wear loose-fitting clothes. Depending on what area of your body we are treating, we most likely will be placing needles in that area (although many acupuncture points that treat specific conditions are on the ear or other parts of the body that may not be close to where your perceived problem is). Generally, shorts or pants that can be pulled up to or above the knee without constraining the area are recommended. We will have the ability to drape you with a sheet or a towel if necessary to access certain parts of the body. Two-piece outfits (like a top and a skirt) are often better than a one-piece, especially if we are treating a problem with the low back or abdomen.

  • Please avoid wearing any perfumes or scented products. Due to the chemical nature of scents, they can leave a lingering effect on the equipment. This can negatively impact our other clients, some of whom have chemical sensitivities or prefer to live a life with fewer chemicals. Thank you for understanding!

  • After your session, drink extra fluids to encourage further detoxification.

Have more questions about infrared saunas? Visit our FAQ page or send us an email.

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