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Health Awareness Talk's
with Ethel Teitelbaum

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Available Talks

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The 9 Doctors of natural preventative medicine Part 1

Naturopathy or Naturopathic healing is a form of alternative medicine which uses natural, powerful, and self-healing modalities. It has a long history, and has proven to be effective over many years of time.


The 9 Doctors of natural preventative medicine Part 2

A naturopathic approach will stimulate healing by addressing underlying causes rather than just focusing on alleviating symptoms. Natural health care puts the focus on patient education and self-care thereby supporting natural healing processes.

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Probiotics, our healthy flora population

Probiotics is the supplemental form of healthy bacteria, that inhibit our gastrointestinal tract.
These friendly micro-organisms, or micro-flora are essential for proper functioning of all the organs in general, And the digestive tract in particular

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