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You deserve to spare some time for yourself, To Release, To Rewind,
and To Reconnect to yourself.

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Hi, my name is Ethel Teitelbaum,

Certified Nutritionist, ND


It was on that day when my journey began 16 years ago in 2004. One of my good friends invited me to a lunch where she was hosting a friendly gathering of women alike, focusing on healthy lifestyles. It included healthy salads, sharing the recipes, and reading up on the latest natural news.

As the next week came around, we gathered again. This time we would go on with sharing personal concerns, and exchanging our minor ideas which we were all informed of. As the gatherings proceeded, we all had an obligation to commit in finding various natural solutions to all our concerns. Some would include:

  1. Indigestion

  2. Constipation

  3. Constant headache

  4. Gas, and Bloating

  5. Acidic backups

  6. Skin disorders

  7. Fungus and Candida overgrowth

  8. Pinworms, and overpopulation of Parasites

  9. Common food intolerances

  10. Sleeping disorders

One would bring a good source of a healthy column they read up on, another would bring a contact of an alternative healing specialist, others would read up on books and share the vision of some open minded health practitioners. And so on, to sum it up, we decided to take a right turn on the right path.

At first we invited some professional speakers to come join us. As time went on, we all began diving in and out of certain health sessions, and advanced trainings. I then also discovered the important relation between Mind and Bodyand realized that by putting head to what you ingest is a main key to ones health.

Followed by that was the importance of: better digestion, vitamin and mineral utilization, food absorption ,and proper elimination. In order to keep our intestines functioning in a healthy manner we need to consider eating in the proper time, combining our foods in a balanced way, thereby preventing many uncomfortable disorders.

Our intestinal make up is also called : The Gut, and so too, Our Second BrainMany times you can hear people express themselves: “ ...well it’s my gut feeling.” Why?

         Because the gut is our physical core, where almost all of our body functions rely on. It’s actually the physical connection to our brain, where nutrients gets absorbed, and help the other body organs utilize its benefits, preparing them, for their ability to function and perform properly. Quality nutrition in the proper time, combined accordingly, will enhance all body functions, delivering energy to all organs, and keeping this very important connection between body, and mind in a harmony relationship.

I acquired an enormous amount of knowledge in each of these fields. As I was diving deeper into the beauty of Hashems creation, the human body; I constantly had to pause, and realize the responsibility each of us have and owe to ourselves to keep this body healthy ,and functioning properly.

As the Rambam quoted: “ I will be an UROV to those who undertake to keep their body healthy, and so they will never suffer from any ailments or sicknesses....! ”

Lifestyle changes with a stronger Gut_ed

Another building block to our foundation is to keep our emotional status stable .

To do so, we need to incorporate:

  • A good friendship with people like yourself.

  • Reading up on good articles for support.

  • Reaching your hand out to professionals if you feel you need that lift.

  • Physical exercise whether that’s intense, or just to release, catered to your desire.

  • Taking it a lift above, listening to music or to any inspiring speeches.

You deserve to spare some time for yourself, To Release, To Rewind, and To Reconnect to yourself.


Just as I have now mentioned the three main necessary functions of our body,

  1. Digestion 2. Absorption 3. Utilization 4. And last, actually the most important one....ELIMINATION.

This one gets my passion!

I most often begin a session with a client “ How’s you’re elimination pattern? ”or“ Did you eliminate your yesterday’s meal?”

I’ve had some clients challenge me, “ Why do you start a session with yesterday? ”Or“ Why would go from the bottom up? “

Wouldn’t it be more proper to confront a client with “ So what did you start your day with ......“ ? My answer is: “ Well yes! It definitely sounds more proper to begin so.

But what if your sink in your house gets clogged, and the more water you pour in, to get it unclogged, it will not solve the problem unless you clean the pipes below. Please realize: you cannot reroute the traffic, unless you get the stuck vehicle out of the way. Topical solutions are temporary attempts! Many people comment “ It’s ok to skip a day...” wrongDid you know that the transit time a meal needs to leave the body, is eighteen hours from the time you began the meal ? Do our bodies today even come close to that law ? The sad part is, that this is how one can develop an illness since the body reabsorbs Its own toxins which the waste is producing. That is the last thing I would ever like my dear clients to experience. “ All I ask from you is please make sure your elimination is on time! “

“ Therefore, my fellow friends and clients, we here at Your Health Success have brought upon to you a state of the art, high quality functioning facility. A warm, clean, and comfortable setting for you to experience the feeling of opening the door to healing, and repair. As you enter our facility, we will welcome you, guide you, and walk you through the path that leads to rejuvenation, and feeling well.


It’s your turn now to say: Ready. Set. Go!

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