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Aromatouch Massage dōTERRA

Aromatouch Massage dōTERRA


Aromatouch Massage dōTERRA

Essential Oils

By: E.Teitelbaum, Certified Aromatouch Therapist.

Hashem’s world was created to perfection.

Along with that he granted us, human beings, the ability to enjoy its beauty, and to take the fullest out of it.

He enhanced his world with buds that blossom into stunning flowers, each contributing their scent to the world, and enhancing it to cater us with satisfaction.

Have you ever strolled through a botanical garden, coming across all those astonishing colors, shapes, and sizes of all sort ? Can you choose your favorite one ? Most likely not.

Each and every one has its unique beauty, property, scent, and purpose to deliver it’s energy to mankind. Along with that there are many crops carrying similar properties.


Is it maybe the cinnamon oatmeal your grandma used to serve?
Or the hot chocolate, or vanilla cookies?
Is it the cherry 🍒 candychews your mom granted you?
Is it the apple orchard that you visited back then?
Or the smell of country sunflowers that grew in you backyard?


All these will stay stored in your memory deeply hidden, and fondly remind you about them at any given day.

The limbic system of your brain controls scents, and emotions inhaled through your nasal cavity bringing upon all embedded moods, and feelings that have been stored there.

So to, by inhaling Essential oils and allowing the scent to enter your body, it can connect to feelings, and relationships of wonderful times spent together.

How can you describe being well?

The body likes to keep homeostasis- keeping it in balance.

By regulating your balance between body, and mind, it will contribute to find that perfect balance.

The properties of many of the oils have the power of distributing a sense of harmony, and calming us to bounce back into homeostasis.

What are some factors that can defect the body’s wellness?

Stress, poor nutrition, too little sleep, dehydration, emotional instability, and often peer pressure.

Our wellness depends a lot on our will, and determination.

Often we can aid by doing activities that brings us pleasure. By using essential oils we can connect to emotional, and physical well being; and bring us back to healthy body and mind connection, and balance.

Essential oils have various strength, and potency.

Some need to be diluted in a base of a carrier oil such as: coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, or olive oil. They are all CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and must apply to certain controlled regulations.

It is safe for all skin types, children, and adults; yet one must follow the instructions administered on each bottle. Babies, and elderly, will need more supervision, and proper dilution.

If you experience a lightheaded sensation, you might need more air circulation, And hydrating yourself with water.

Remember the quote: Less is more. One drop goes a long way.

Take a step closer, You owe it to yourself, it’s your turn now.

Elevate your child’s immune system, make that powerful U-turn.

Feel that soothing touch, calm your nervous system.

Re-establish your body and mind balance.

Re-instate harmony to its original state.


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