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`Feel Good Again`


Coaching with Biagio Allevato n.d.

Biagio Allevato is a Naturopath and has the opportunity to be a close associate of Christian Limoges. Over the past few years he has embraced the health and well-being philosophy of L'Aube. Biagio quickly learned the importance and the power of herbs and as a result is now a specialist of the Actumus product line.


Naturopathic Medicine

As a naturopathic doctor, Biagio Allevato n.d. specializes in treating each patient’s health using methods that consider the whole body. Naturopathic medicine may be considered an art, a science, a philosophy and a practice of diagnosis, treatment and illness prevention. In other words, naturopathic physicians work with nature to restore health to each patient.


Visiting a naturopathic center in Brooklyn exposes clients to a system of treatment and healing that may seem unfamiliar at first. Here’s a closer look at the naturopathic principles:.

  • Healing power of nature: Naturopathic physicians work with nature to support the inner wisdom of the body.

  • Do no harm: The goal is to provide the best results while keeping intervention to a minimum..

  • Treat the whole: A naturopathic doctor in Brooklyn will emphasize the connections between mind, body and spirit. Through holistic treatment, the patient’s overall well-being should also improve.

  • Teach and nurture: Naturopathic medicine involves taking the time to go over treatment options, answer questions and empower patients to take charge of their own healing.

  • Treat the cause: By identifying and focusing on treating the root problem, a naturopathic practitioner at YHS goes beyond merely masking or suppressing symptoms.

  • Promote overall wellness: Naturopathic treatment encourages patients to adapt and adhere to healthy lifestyle practices to promote overall health and wellness.


with Biagio


60 Minutes personal Consultation



30 Minutes Consultation Follow-up

  • One-on-one sessions to establish and set realistic health & wellness goals.

  • Accountability to makes sure good habits are formed early on.

  • Motivation and positive reinforcement to celebrate small and big wins.

  • Use of positive psychology methods to ensure successful results.

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