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Covid 19

Tips to Help Combat Coronavirus

In an ideal world, a healthy diet would provide all the nutrients necessary to support your immune system. But in today’s world, it isn’t always enough. Here are some ways to support and strengthen your immune system in times of emergency.


 TIP #1 

Wash your hands frequently with well lathered soap and warm water. Hydrogen peroxide 3% put in a sprayer bottle, can be used instead of hand sanitizers, as it kills the virus within minutes. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or sleeve. Avoid crowded spaces. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.


 TIP #2 

Boost your Immune System by keeping your body healthy, through proper Cleansing and Elimination, Helping the body cleanse and detoxify can be the key to developing an optimal immune system. In creating a CLEAN, HYGIENIC setting within your body, you are strengthening the IMMUNE SYSTEM, which in turn will support, protect, and enhance your entire wellbeing, keeping all foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria out. A Lymphatic Massage is a great way to maintain hygiene in your body. It cleanses the lymphatic system, allowing fluids to circulate freely, disposing of cellular debris and viral waste. A well circulating lymph leads to good Elimination, enabling all bodily functions to work properly and efficiently.


 TIP #3 

Regular intestinal cleansing with a Colon hydrotherapy can support your immune system by providing a balanced, clean environment for probiotic bacteria to thrive. The positive benefits of intestinal cleansing are enhanced when it’s paired with a good probiotic supplement. So it's no surprise that doing periodic Colonics (Colon hydrotherapy)  will help keep you from getting sick from a cold or suffering from the Flu, Pneumonia or Coronavirus. When your colon is clean vitamins and nutrients are being absorbed properly and effectively to help fight off viruses and bacterias in the body.


 TIP #4 

Sweat it out in a sauna. A Relaxed Infrared Sauna session, has the ability to eradicate all viruses present in the body. Several studies show that using an infrared sauna on a regular basis makes it harder for bacteria and viruses to live and survive in the body. Infrared Saunas also have the immune boosting power to decrease incidence of getting colds and flus


 TIP #5 

Increase nutrient intake through 1) proper nutrition, and 2) supplementation.The top few antiviral supplements to consider are: vitamin C, vitamin D3 taken with K2, and Zinc Quercetin also has strong anti-viral qualities, which we can acquire through Onion, and garlic. Echinacea, elderberry, ginger, licorice, and olive leaf extract all have well documented antiviral effects


 TIP #6 

REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS Emotional, mental, and physical stress takes a toll and can age you - and your immune system - beyond your years. Research has shown that immune system activity drastically decreases when you’re stressed. Finding productive ways to deal with stress is important for keeping your body strong and resilient. Meditation, exercise, and following a healthy diet can all help ease its effects.


 TIP #7 

SLEEP The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Sleep resets your entire system and provides an avenue through which you can relieve stress and improve your immune system and overall health. Without adequate sleep, your immune system will suffer, and you’ll be far more susceptible to invading microbes and harmful organisms. In general, seven or eight hours of sleep a night satisfies most people.

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Health cannot be purchased or acquired out there, It ought to be handmade, homemade, within your domain

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