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Infrared Sauna

Try an Infrared Sauna for a Different Approach

There are different ways to enjoy the health benefits of a sauna, and infrared saunas are just as effective at generating a warming sensation as a traditional sauna approach. Infrared is another part of the light spectrum which, at the right intensity, also generates heat. The body reacts to this through absorption. Via the infrared sauna equipment heats the surfaces within the treatment room, and that in turn affects the body through conduction and heated air convection as well. Unlike the traditional sauna, however, the infrared sauna is far more effective in warming the entire body uniformly versus just the side exposed to the heat radiating source. With Your Health Success in Brooklyn, New York, you can enjoy the benefits of regular infrared sauna sessions at your schedule convenience, enhancing your body’s ability to perspire out toxins and cleans itself using it natural cooling process.


Are you Looking for an Infrared Sauna Near Me


It’s not a great challenge to find a spa with a sauna but that doesn’t mean that the service provides an infrared sauna specifically. Most spa services and venues provide a traditional sauna benefit, typically some kind of a heat source and water applied to it or the hot rocks approach. Both will emanate enough heat to trigger the body’s perspiration for cleansing, but that is an uneven exposure and doesn’t create a full heat balance. With an infrared sauna design instead, the body reaches a unique surrounding heat presence from all sides because the design heats all the surfaces in the room. When combined with a convection approach, the entire body realizes full perspiration and cleansing versus just the exposed side. This ideal health approach is available at Your Health Success in New York when you want an appointment scheduled.

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