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Fall is coming. Warm up with our Labor Day Special

The Seasons are changing again. The sun is setting earlier. Leaves are drying and starting to collect on the ground. As Nature cools and dries outside, so do we, internally. Nurture yourself and boost your immunity with our September special: Buy any 3 pack (Colonic, Lymphatic Drainage, Hocatt) and get a free 1 hour private Infrared Sauna session. This is a $70 value, with the option to bring 1 free guest. Additionally if you buy a single service (Colonic, Lymphatic, Ozone) you can get the 1 hour Sauna for half price $35 (and also bring a guest.) This is a great opportunity to try the Sauna if you haven't before. It is an amazing ally for the seasons ahead, as Infrared's mood boosting effects help lift seasonal depression caused by lack of Sunlight (S.A.D.). It also detoxifies heavy metals, boosts collagen and metabolism, and gives you a healthy glow. What's not to love? Come give it a try this month.

Book now to take advantage of this offer.



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