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A healthy protocol to enhance hygiene and support to maintain health.

We here at Your Health Success, strive to offer our clients advise on how to keep your body Clean, Hygiene, and Energized.

As a courtesy to our Immune System, which is working hard to keep us protected and safe, we owe ourselves the following support to upkeep its Energy Supply.

Win With Your Health Routine The COVID-19. there are some things that we can't control! But what can we control?
  • Eat well.

  • Supplement with vitamin intake, (see below)

  • Eliminate timely, daily.

  • Be active, this supports the Lymphatic system to move freely, since it’s our built in mechanism to support the Immune System.

  • Our Pressotherapy Lymphatic Massage is a great tool to enhance Lymph Flow.

  • Breathe some fresh air, several times daily.

  • Seek support between family and friends, keep connected.

A list of vitamins and supplements can be considered as follows:

  • Vitamin C , can be taken on demand, yet be conscious and tuned into your body not to exceed your tolerance, since diarrhea can occur.

  • Vitamin D, acts as a precursor to help absorb vitamin and mineral absorption.

  • Vitamin A, acts as a antioxidant, to help the Immune System throw off free radicals.

  • Multi Minerals, which includes a rainbow of all minerals, is very necessary to upkeep Immunity, Since they all work synergistically together, keeping a balance to the body’s defense system.

  • Some advice Zinc by itself, it’s actually one of the Minerals, yet, one can override with zinc, while others get out of balance. Therefore, it is wiser to keep the rainbow spectrum as a multi mineral supplement.


Elimination is crucially important, since the body needs to upkeep a hygiene environment, therefore, please stay tuned, to eliminate twice daily. We here at YOUR HEALTH SUCCESS, are here to help you with Colonic irrigation, so you are able to keep the Immune System as your Bodyguard.

We advice adding A herbal Cleansing Protocol, such as :

ACTION, MOTION, AND CHLOROPHYLL, (some work better with constipation care) since it helps the intestinal transit work timely and efficiently.

  • Herbal supplement are actually full of live energized properties, as it invigorates our inner natural response to the Immune System. Many herbalists see immediate response as their clients report a quicker response to their well-being.

  • An Infrared Sauna, is by all means a great detoxifier to your body, since it wipes out all viruses, and germs immediately, through the high heat on contact. We strongly advise it, yet you must be well hydrated prior to a session.

  • Essential oils application definitely strengthens the Immune System, as It uplifts the nervous system to absorb its energy, and it distributes it quickly to the Immune Systems army: (The White Soldiers.)

  • As mentioned above: Oxygenation is CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT, since It protects our body of any foreign virus to enter. We here at Your Health Success are equipped with the HOCATT OZONE STEAM SUANA, as a method of oxygenation to the cells, thereby enhancing the Immune System to fight off any viruses on contact.



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