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The Five Channels of Elimination

By Ethel T.


Have you ever thought a little deeper about the miracle of elimination ?

Has there ever been a more miraculous creation than the human body ?

Can anyone give power to your intestines to move, and remove all toxic matter out of the body besides our almighty Creator?

Scenario #1: Imagine the massive castle of a strong kingdom with a solid army protecting it. Each door has a guard managing the incoming and outgoing of people, including: highly important personnel, brave spies, sergeants, soldiers, army commanders, maids, security guards, news reporters, confidential messengers, and deliverymen. All functions are swiftly happening under supervision throughout the day. Nobody dares step out of line. Every employee will perform to perfection, or else strict punishment may follow.

God, the kingly ruler of this world, is keeping an eye on everything that happens under his compassionate, generous, healing hand. All our bodily functions work to perfection, each doing their job timely, carefully, without interfering with one another. One “door” (function) is now open, so the others are closed, all to keep us alive and well. Yet, it is our responsibility to keep this body in an optimum state, by eating healthy, sleeping well, exercising often, and keeping timings in mind. If not, serious imbalances may follow.

When uncomfortable symptoms arise, it’s usually your body calling for help. A good bodily cleansing is necessary.

Scenario #2: At the painting site, all workers are programmed in the system of an assembly line. At first the entire crew will rip off the old wall covering, sand it, smooth it, and prepare it for a brand new coating

So too, our intestines at the time of elimination, are very intelligently programmed to first collect debris accumulated around the intestinal walls, and then prepare it to leave the body. We are now ready for the next meal to enter, get digested and absorbed, and to utilize the nutrients from the food, so we are energized, fueled, and ready to perform our daily duties.

Scenario #3: Recall a time when spring comes around, and the house calls for a spring cleaning. All cabinets, bins, and closets get emptied out. Sorting begins, the necessaries stay, and the old stuff gets discarded. The house gets filled with waste, all corners are crammed, the air’s polluted and there’s nowhere to move.

  • Step #1: open the windows and doors

  • Step #2: remove the trash

  • Step #3: wash what’s important to keep

  • Step #4: replace with clean items

When uncomfortable symptoms arise, it’s usually your body calling for help. A good bodily cleansing is necessary. We must carefully sort food ingestion, and the water we drink. We must focus on opening up windows, and doors, by incorporating fibrous foods, raw fruits and vegetables. Be on alert to cleanse and move your intestinal tract, thereby preparing for clean, nourishing, new food habits.

The five EXITS of the miraculous system of the human body are:

  • Digestive waste being exported out, through the intestines.

  • All fluid waste leaving through the kidney and bladder.

  • Carbon dioxide- collected throughout the body, gets exhaled through our lungs.

  • Sweating out - waste through our skin’s pores.

  • The ‘Loyal Liver’- blood filtering system.

Exit #1:

As food gets digested and enters the intestines, we are now dependent on our gallbladder excreting bile to break down the food and prepare it for absorption and utilization. These functions all happen in the small intestine. As the food moves through, an action called peristalsis - a wavelike action- is now pushing the meal from one section to another. Once all vitamins and minerals are absorbed, it is sent off to the last station, our large intestine. We are now left to keep the body balanced at 97 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore proper hydration is necessary. Lastly, all fluid waste will flow to our kidney, the “fluid filter”, which will sort the waste and excrete it through the bladder.

NOTE: postponing the release of bodily fluids through the bladder can irritate the lining, which results in re-absorption of waste into the system.

It’s one’s responsibility to release on time.


Exit #2:

A person needs to drink half their body weight equivalent in ounces of water. It’s the second most important element after oxygen, necessary for life. Water will dilute all bulk food intake, while helping the intestines form the right consistency so the transit time is quick and easy. It will also cleanse body fluids such as lymph, and prevent dehydration.


Exit #3:

Oxygen is the source of life, it’s our first lifeline to existence. We all know that when the heart stops beating, one cannot survive. Yet, even more importantly, once the lungs get blocked or breathing stops, the heart stops beating shortly after. The central function of breath, is to bring IN, INHALE, life-giving oxygen to the blood and organs, which in turn will push OUT carbon dioxide and other gaseous waste which has accumulated, through our EXHALE. Sneezing and coughing are examples of the body eliminating waste through exhalation.

Just as the entire body is dependent on blood circulation, so too is it dependent on oxygenation. All cells are kept healthy through oxygen intake. Since our entire body is made up of a trillion cells, it is easy to understand why clean air is so important.

The proper way to exhale is through the mouth, deeply and entirely, so all carbon dioxide stored in the lungs will exit the body.

The body is always trying to use the back door first and if the body gets backed up, it may result in uncomfortable skin rashes, itching, or any chronic skin condition, such as eczema, fungus, yeast, and hives.

Exit #4:

The skin is our largest channel of elimination. It has been designed to help us sweat out all toxic fluids circulating throughout the lymph. The lymph is our built in vacuum cleaner, always hunting for unnecessary waste and pushing it out through the skin.

So too, our skin pores can absorb, therefore we must be conscious about using healthy substances such as skin cleansers, creams, shampoo, soaps, deodorants, moisturizers, and makeup. Constant exposure to toxic skin applications can result in skin flare ups, and uncomfortable rashes. Since the skin is an eliminating organ, we must be conscious about proper elimination of our food intake.

The body is always trying to use the back door first (through the intestines). If constipation is a frequent occurrence, and the body gets backed up, it may result in uncomfortable skin rashes, itching, or any chronic skin condition, such as eczema, fungus, yeast, and hives.

NOTE: the result of an allergic reaction, can often be an intolerance to something, an interaction with a medication, or a serious food allergy. These scenarios must be taken seriously since they might be life threatening.


Exit 5:

Did you know, The Liver is the largest organ in diameter ? In fact, our intestines are the longest in feet, yet the ‘Liver’ is the largest and holds the most responsibility to keep the blood in our body clean.. If any other organ fails to perfectly perform its job, THE LOYAL LIVER will come in as a backup to filter the waste out.

Can you live in a house without a kitchen? So too, the LIVER is constantly filtering our blood, which is profoundly called: THE RIVER OF LIFE. The beauty of our blood is beyond explanation. It’s a detailed map which encodes information that leads to precise findings of all bodily functions such as: preferred balance, over-abundance or deficiencies in any area.

The LIVER and GALLBLADDER work together as allies, constantly involved in promoting metabolism to occur. While BILE gets produced by the gallbladder, it emulsifies all the excess sugar and fat consumed. If one’s diet is constantly overriding with Sugar or fatty foods, all extras will now get stored in the Liver as a courtesy, thereby preventing sugar levels getting out of balance. So too, often consuming fatty, fried and oily food might burden the Liver, and Congestion will occur. The LOYAL LIVER will now extend its job, and promote filtering them out through the intestines. One must definitely stay conscious in keeping the channel open and available as an exit door for all waste to leave promptly.

We actually owe ourselves the responsibility to keep our diet well balanced, and avoid any heavy burdening meals. By keeping a clean and balanced PH LEVEL in our body, we are investing in promoting HOMEOSTASIS = The tendency to maintain internal health and stability.

You cannot spell: CHALLENGE without the word CHANGE.

If you’re going through a CHALLENGE you have to be prepared to CHANGE.




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