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The Four Pillars of Health




We don’t need to know how to heal. We need to know what to give our body so that the body can heal.

Our body has universal intelligence. Everything around us knows how to live, and fulfill their duty. They all have living intelligence from G-d.

  • The crop knows how to grow

  • The trees know how to give oxygen

  • The water knows how to do its evaporation cycles

  • And the body knows how to heal

  • Our body cells all have a mind of their own

They never make a mistake; and when they are sick, it doesn’t mean that they lost their memory. They react to the way we live, and to our lifestyle. An illness can be explained as a living expressing reaction. The body is recharging, or undergoing a transition of repair due to the wrong lifestyle. Just like a drunk person cannot function properly, Toxic environments come from the way we eat, drink, and think, which may lead to certain discomforts.


are here to keep our body in shape, clean, healthy, and alive.


During the process of digestion, we are very much dependent on enzyme production, to help us break down food properly. Enzymes are produced by our own body, as they help digestion occur.

For example:


like: all gluten, complex sugars, white refined sugar, corn syrup, white potatoes, cakes, cookies, breads, sweets, pasta, etc., are all high in carbs.

These are often very burdening to the digestive system. Yet, we need sugar as fuel for energy. Therefore it is wiser to ingest sugar from simple sugar foods such as fruits. Simple sugar does not burden the digestive system, rather it fuels it with natural, high quality, and clear energy.


All human beings are in need of protein, in order to build tissue, and muscle mass. Protein gets broken down into amino acids, for the body to utilize it. Brain power is extremely dependent on amino acids, which come from protein, to function properly, think, brainstorm, produce, and store memories.


How would the car roll without gasoline? Our body is highly dependent on healthy fats, to keep our thermal balance, to keep our mind thinking clearly, and to lubricate our joints, and organs. As we do our daily chores, exercise, and body movements, we burn off healthy fats, thereby always in need of replacing it with proper food intake. Healthy fats consist of nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, coconuts, and healthy oils.


In order to take the fullest nutrition out of our food, the first step is to digest it properly. To aid digestion, it is important to respect the timings, and food combinations.

The body’s three cycles are:

  • 4:00 am to 12:00 pm, is the time for the cleansing cycle to take place.

  • 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm, is the time for nutrition, time to eat.

  • 8:00 pm to 4:00 am, is the time for absorption.

If carbohydrates are not digested well, they begin to ferment, causing gas, bloating, and even headache since they tend to back up, and produce heat.

If proteins are not digested well, it may putrefy, or rot, and produce powerful toxic chemicals. Plus, an overpopulation of microorganisms, and parasites, thereby congesting the the lymphatic system, which is designed to cleanse, and vacuum clean the body. The lymphatic system is the so-called "built in vacuum cleaner system" always hunting to clean up any congestion there may be.

If fatty acids build up from hydrogenated fats- meaning, heating fats like: canola, corn, vegetable oils- they can clog, leading to sticky, stagnant organs.


The six important nutrient absorption sources are from:

1.Protein, 2. Fats, 3. Carbohydrates, 4. Fruits, 5. Vegetables, 6. Water

All of the above provide us with vitamins, and minerals necessary to stay healthy, and flourish vibrantly.

As we prepare a meal, we must stay conscious on how to combine the food groups properly. In order for the body’s system to maintain the PH level at a balance, we must constantly try to stay at an even level of: ACIDITY TO ALKALINITY. Overriding the body with either one, can result in an imbalance, causing the body to fluctuate drastically.

The necessity of ACID, is very crucial for digestion, known as HCL- hydrochloric acid. This is especially needed after a meal, to begin the process of digestion, absorption, and utilization of the vitamins, and minerals from our food intake.

HCL is responsible to purify food. If food has bacteria, HCL will destroy it, if it is strong enough. For example, if ten people around the table are eating medium roast fish, and only two get sick of it, it’s because those two are lacking healthy HCL vs. the other eight not.

Q: What happens if you eat an egg that wasn’t fresh?

A: We can get salmonella, (a poison).

Q: What happens if you eat meat/fish that was not well done?

A: We can develop serious parasite infestations.

Why does that happen if I have healthy HCL?

Because neither raw, nor rancid food are meant to be ingested in our healthy bodies. We constantly produce HCL to combat day to day general food bacteria. Plus, HCL will break down food quickly, and properly together with the bile produced by the gallbladder, so it is now ready for proper absorption.

The ALKALINE level we all know, keeps the inner environment clean. It helps the body populate healthy cells, and is of major help to the lymphatic system to circulate healthy fluids throughout the body.

Therefore a balanced PH level is like keeping the scale even.


As our body absorbs the nutrition of the food, thereby also absorbing all available vitamins, and minerals it now:

  • Gives glands the opportunity to produce necessary hormones.

  • Gives the organs their ability to function properly.

  • Builds strong bones, teeth, tissues, and muscles.

  • Will lubricate the skin to have that pretty glow.

  • And most important: the energy we get, to flourish and perform throughout the day.


Is the key in staying healthy.

Do you eat every day?

Do you sleep every night?

So too you must eliminate daily.

The transit time of when food enters the body, until it needs to leave, is 18-24 hours. If food stays behind any time longer, it begins to ferment, causing uneasiness such as gas, bloating, constipation, and so on.

Common headaches are most often the result of a compacted colon since the pressure of the heat inside backs up, until it reaches the head.

An enema, or Colonic gives immediate relief, since the traffic gets resolved, and the body temperature will drop back to normal. It can be simply understood like a jammed highway due to a vehicle casualty. Once the car gets out of the way, the entire highway is back on speed again. Just as one focuses on outer body cleanliness, so too we must concentrate to keep our inner body clean and healthy.

Proper, timely elimination will,

  • Avoid unnecessary parasites to multiply, and nest around.

  • Keep the body fluids floating easily, thereby keeping yourself nice, and hydrated.

  • Avoid backup of toxins to purge through the skin, thereby resulting in all kinds of skin conditions.


Remember, the body is always trying to keep your intestines rolling, pay attention to keep the highway clear.

  • By eating meals in a timely manner ( not too late at night)

  • Properly combining your meals to balance

  • Drinking the proper amount of water you need

  • Adding fiber to your diet

This will definitely result in proper elimination.



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